Sunday, June 7, 2009

Under the Covers ?

I'm not real sure how this really works, but I have been Tagged by Asylum Seeker to list my pick for best and worst cover songs.

Worst; Wow, where do I begin?
I suppose to be really bad, a cover would have to have taken a decent song and made it bad - at least demonstrably worse. There's a lot of that out there.

A lot of metal bands do covers of shit songs. The song still sounds bad. However, it really didn't change much, other than get a rockin' metal beat.

I suppose, I'm not real fond of Ryan Adams version of a really grand old Stones tune, Brown Sugar.

I am a blues fan, but I don't care for this

I like the Stones a little better.

I'm sure there are much worse covers out there( I purposely stay away from Country covers of great songs, to say they suck is redundant), but this one seems to change a good ole classic.

Now, for improvements, or, atleast, differing versions that I really like :-)

Soooo much out there that I like !

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jimi's Watchtower. Wow he really outdid himself there. Dylan is good, but Jimi OWNED that song ! In the same vein, Janis Joplin really took "Me and Bobby McGee" to different level.

I like what G&R and Metallica did with their covers. Both bands took good songs and presented them to me in a way that I thought was good.

I like Jordis Unga covering a song covered by Nirvanna

It's a tough call, I like both covers.

And YES, Both are an improvement over Bowie, not that his was bad.

My favorite cover?

None other than Jeff Buckley covering "Halleluja" by Leonard Cohen
I know a lot of people may be saying, "But, mac, you're an atheist! WTF??" Yes I am, but, this aint about god. It's beautiful music, evoking, well, you know ;-)

The song(Buckley's cover) kind of turned me on to Cohen. He is a wonderful songwriter.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell four others to do this as well. OK, here goes....the first four people who see this are commanded to compose their own list!