Friday, January 21, 2011

You have a problem with women?

The lady pictured above is Olivia Munn. She is quite an attrative woman. Recently, she has come under
controversy due to a magazine cover for Maxim Magazine.

Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business And Culture at The Media Research Center claims, "It’s disgusting. Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography.”

If by "pornagraphy", Mr Gainor means the photo is arousing, it is. However, I am also aroused by the top photo of Olivia. Is that porn as well?
I simply do not see anything to be concerned about here. It seems much less disturbing than offering someone, anyone, $100 to punch a sitting congressman, right Mr Gainor?

I dunno, what do you guys think?
Is this magazine cover over the top?  Should Miss Munn be hel liable 'cause she's so darned sexy?  

Monday, January 17, 2011

It kinda sneaks up on ya

January 17, 1992.
I am not sure why that particular day was any different than the hundreds before it. I had sworn to do it many times before. I didn't.
Maybe I grew up mentally as well as physically that day.  Perhaps my brain was catching up to my 220 pound body? Maybe riding that motorcycle in all those cold Ohio winters made me think I should get my act together, establish myself as a viable member of society, and just grow the fuck up already.
Of course, I wanted to know where, and with whom, I would wake up on any given morning too ;-)


January 16 1992: I got drunk for the last time. Sorry, Jack Daniels, I do not miss you any longer.
19 years today, I have been sober.  Who wants to celebrate with a good drink ?

Now, my other addictions are not quite so easy to give up. I miss you, darlin :-)