Friday, April 8, 2011

Whatever happened to giving peace a chance ?

Some will tell you it's all the Conservative's fault. Some will tell you it's all the Liberal's fault.
The Christian will tell you it's the Muslim. The Muslim will tell you it's the Jew. The Jew will tell you it's the antisemite.....

I'm here to tell you, it's all their faults. And ours, too!
Why don't we demand a stoppage to the seemingly endless conflicts? Why do we trust any politician when they claim they will end "this war".

I know, many will say I am being naive, that we must stop these thugs. 
Again, I ask, "Why?" Why must the US involve itself in the business of a sovereign nation? Would we appreciate it if they did it to us?

Tell me this shit isn't about oil?

Maybe one of you smart folks can explain this to me :(


Michael Lockridge said...

That tune has come to mind a lot lately.

Hope said...

OMG you used "trust" and "politician" in the same sentence? Those two words don't belong together.

And I think everyone is so busy pointing fingers that they push aside the idea of peace. It's never anyone's fault, it's everyone's fault. Thus nothing gets accomplished.

Tit for Tat said...


The irony is we are all to blame. How many of us would be willing to change our lifestyles for world peace? Not too many, as evidenced by how many HUGE Suv's and hummers and every other gas guzzzler you see.

Candice said...

Charlie Sheen is to blame.

Dude, you changed your layout. Nicely done. :)

rita said...

I think the song explains it...and human nature. But that doesn't mean we should give up trying for peace.

Mashuga Mom said...

Love the new page look.
I love the subject, as I filled my car with $70- of gas today I prayed for peace so that I can afford to live and continue to drive around. WHY?!

Harry C Pharisee said...

Naw mac, an expectation of peace isn't naive.

This topic usually reminds me of the old soldiers who know how horrible war is because they've been there vs. their bosses and young gung ho soldiers.

rita said...

I think it's idealistic to to believe that there is a chance for peace.
& that is not wrong! Idealism is as important as realism. Humans could never move forward without it.
Young people esp. need a measure of idealism so they can have hope for the future. Older people need it stave off some of the bitterness that realism brings on.
As for Harry's anecdote, about the realities of war...that is naivete more then idealism.

Then there is the fatalistic attitude...

Harry C Pharisee said...

You're right in a sense rita, I should have qualified it to "old" soldiers I have met, and added that they aren't doves but they sure aren't hawks.

rita said...

I'm right in a sense? What do you mean?
Classifying some one as a 'dove' or a 'hawk' does that mean prey vrs. predator? Seems pretty black & white to me.
It can't mean the same as idealist vrs. realist.

Harry C Pharisee said...

Black and white? Exactly right, just not black or white. I'm glad for their reluctance.

GearHedEd said...

This shit isn't about oil, mac.

Oil is just currency. The real issue is 'keeping the boogieman alive. If we kill him, thehen the problem is solved, and no more investment in looking for a cure need be made.

It's like athlete's foot.

Do you think the makers of Lotrimin™ will make more money if the product is 100% effective from a single application, or if it never quite solves the problem?

It's about keeping the 'military-industrial complex' economy going. Need boogiemen. Must invest in military because of the threat.

Oil is incidental.

pboyfloyd said...

Just watched a show about the carving up of the Ottoman Empire after the end of WWI.

Seems that a very religious guy named Balfour decided that it was a good opportunity to 'repatriate' Jews to Palestine to fulfill a supposed prophecy in the Bible.

Funny how we all seem to imagine that the World 'has always been like this' and look at historical situations as quaint, disgusting, ignorant, barbaric and such.

Seems to me that the movers and shakers are simply not feeling the need to pretend to be virtuous anymore and have ditched that in favour of being schemey, warmongering, soul-crushing, dismissive and such.

Guess their kind liked the World better when there were unwashed, ignorant masses dreaming of being rich, powerful and mean, like them.

"What? They don't envy us? We must crush them!!"

Harry C Pharisee said...

I guess blogger finally gave some dude my old web address. But it ain't me holmey.

mac said...

I noticed that Harry.

He seems OK, we'll see :-)

Anonymous said...

Time is the great healer.

carma said...

my, you've jazzed up the place :D I'm not smart enough to explain it - and Osama won't be able to either

Anonymous said...

"Maybe one of you smart folks can explain this to me"

It's not like I haven't TRIED to explain it to you, yo-yo!

AGAIN: It's primarily the Zionists (not the Jews - Z-I-O-N-I-S-T-S) to blame, for hijacking the legal, economic and financial system. (i.e. the FED, excessive regulation, the BAR, etc.) Of course, it's the modern Babylonian/pagan construct commonly known as Catholicism (run by the Jesuits) overseeing it all, with the Zionist movement merely one arm of the satanic oligarchic octopus strangling this planet.

It's all about control - world control, through a centralized world government. (Revelation 13) An old story, really. That's why we have all these wars, not everyone is rolling over to the idea. Some need 'convincing'.

Like the new look... very "Heavy Metal"-ish.


Anonymous said...

"Seems that a very religious guy named Balfour decided that it was a good opportunity to 'repatriate' Jews to Palestine to fulfill a supposed prophecy in the Bible."

That's pretty close to the truth. That's why the "Holocaust" was engineered, (by the Zionists - Hitler was a puppet) to force the Jews (who were quite happy NOT living on a barren stretch of rock-strewn, Mediterranean coastline) back there in preparation for establishing a Zionist (NOT Jewish!) state. It wasn't out of any desire to fulfill Bible prophecy, either... that's another long story!

Anonymous said...

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