Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yeah, I'm still alive

Why yes, I am still out there, just maybe not as one would imagine it.


mac said...

Wow, these anonymous guys have taken over.
I'll have to disallow that, temporarily anyway.

Em Soares eu Creio os ministros que Abril nos deu são piores que Hitler e Mussolini ou agente leu mal? said...

well the pissing dog is a itsy bitsy...... a shaggy dog picture?

carma said...

HA! I just randomly clicked on one of my old posts (a very whiny one - typical of my posts) and I saw your good advice about not giving a crap about things.

My latest blog post is also whiny so don't bother to read it - just saving you time.

Hope all has been going well chez mac.

pboyfloyd said...

You still remember how to type then. Cool.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Glad you are in fact still alive Mac!

Love the cartoon-particularly the part about comments.

mac said...

Looks like someone is still reading it :-)