Friday, March 6, 2009


Imagine, if you will, a religion who would force a nine year-old rape victim to remain pregnant or risk eternal damnation.

Seems incredible?
No, it seems all to real. Only it's not some fringe Jesus cult doing such a hideous thing. It's none other than our friends at the Catholic Church !

The poor girl was raped by her step-father. Her Mother and her Doctor were excommunicated for allowing her to have the abortion.

Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho said in an interview Thursday in Rio De Janeiro,

"The law of God is higher than any human laws, When a human law — that is, a law enacted by human legislators — is against the law of God, that law has no value. The adults who approved, who carried out this abortion have incurred excommunication."

I know what you're thinking" Yeah, but this is America, this couldn't happen here". Just keep your head buried in that sand.

No word yet on the poor girls fate. What ever will the Church do with such a dastardly child ?


Asylum Seeker said...

In awesome news, however, the President of Brazil rebuked the Catholic Church for their blatant douchebaggery and inability to value the life of living, breathing, thinking human beings over fetuses that potentially threaten the life of the mother, in addition to being conceived against her will. The Church was incredibly stupid to raise their voice at all on this matter. This case was the poster child for situations in which abortion should be allowed, and they should have stayed silent on it due to that fact. Excommunicating everyone as a result as well....well, I guess it's just good to know that they actually are willing to excommunicate people still. They are apparently warranted in doing so if you so much as giggle at the idea of transubstantiation, so I have no complaint on that angle. I can only imagine what those folks involved will think of organized religion now, though...

The Maze Monster said...

They will teach it that it's the product of sin and make it feel bad for the actions of it's parents... and then ask for forgiveness from god for it.

pboyfloyd said...

Well, at least we know how the ol' Archbishop feels. (and that Godly is not equal to good)

Stacy S. said...

That poor girl. :-(