Friday, March 20, 2009

Who's a dummy ?

I hear a lot of fellow non-believers chide and put down theists.
I'd like to think I'm just not that mean. BUT, I must admit, I often think christians must be that dumb. Why else would they continue to believe such rubbish as is in the Bible, refusing to acknowledge that that book is just pure non-sense?

I think this guy, The Amazing Atheist,says it much better than I can, and he's slightly funnier than me too ;-)

He just makes sense....even if he's kind of mean.


Stacy S. said...

OMG! That was AWESOME! I'm going to show it to my son as soon as he gets home. :-)

Asylum Seeker said...

I don't actually care for the Amazing Atheist, usually. This wasn't as mean as he typically seems to be, and at least he sort of has a point, and doesn't any errors that are glaring enough for me to notice, so I actually did like this video (it was short too, bonus!). The ending was a bit too strawman-y (but, I guess he is talking about Christians who are literalists/creationists throughout, so maybe he just poorly phrased who exactly who is addressing), but I think the shot at the pope was poignant, since I am still pissed about the Pope's "condoms makes AIDS epidemics worse" statement. I cannot believe that the Church continues, to this day, to admit that condoms actually do help to prevent AIDS. I guess it's because they need to rely on their precious ignorance to that fact in order to not seem like complete assholes by saying "condoms work, but you shouldn't use condoms anyway". Better off just lying!

Asylum Seeker said...

Should be "...and doesn't have any errors that are..." and " this day, refuse to admit..."

I accidentally the whole point of the sentence.

mac said...

Yeah, Seeker, I sometimes think The Amazing Atheist is rather long-winded and mean-spirited, but this one I liked.

That's my point, sometimes, I feel kind of mean picking on the christians. It's almost like picking on the slow kids at school...and I never liked it when those guys did that to me!

mac said...

I've been pissed at the Pope for about 30 of my 43 years, this new edict changes nothing.

Stacy S. said...

OT - mac - you and I are the same age (but keep it to yourself, shhhhh...) same month too! :-)

Asylum Seeker said...

Yeah. I need some perspective. This has been their M.O. for the longest time. The fact that they are still dealing with issues decades and centuries into their past right now just helps to show how long they will be sticking to their guns on this one. I could attribute it all just to that prolific lagtime. Or I could just remember that the church is evil, which has already been thoroughly been established well before my birth, or yours, and probably has been the general consensus since before little Martin Luther first got on the scene. Oh well, my contempt for the pope is over: this is the same old crap and is the reason why I don't pay attention to what the Church does in the first place. We've got enough heart attack fuel in our own backyard; don't need to be worrying about a senile leader of a vanishingly relevant institution churning out the same old tired, unevidenced memes they always do.

mac said...

I would have not guessed you to be my age.

You wear it well ;-)

Stacy S. said...

It's the freckles! ;-)

The Maze Monster said...

Could have said it better myself!

Tit for Tat said...

The guy is bang on, unfortunately he's pretty miserable. So for the most part I wouldnt want to listen to very much from him.

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