Friday, January 8, 2010

Wrestling the Pope .....(Someone sent me this song and it awakened my rage, sorry folks)

I don't really want to tackle the Pope. I'll leave that to crazy folks like this:

No, although the lack of security is woefully amusing, the wrestling I want to do with the pope is figurative.
I know it's old news by now, but I want to know what Ratzinger Benedict is doing about the appalling child molesters that rank among his clergy.

Unholy pedophile
Praying on the innocent
Protected by the papacy
So-called men of enlightenment
Children fingered by the hand of god
Raped in the name of Christ
They took a vow of chastity
Yet have torn asunder so many a life

Chickenhawks of the Catholic Church
Out to save and destroy
They have become the priest of burden
And he's become an altered boy

Men so benevolent
In a position of trust
Molesting children by the score
Rendering youg life staight into dust
They're church is their Golgotha
Their chucified by the priest
Child becomes the victim
Holy father becomes the beast

Chickenhawks of the Catholic Church
Out to save and destroy
They have become the priest of burden
And he's become

Multi-million lollar payouts
Resitution for their crimes
This vile sickness
Cut to many down in their prime
All the bishops and the cardinals
Tried to hide it away
In the parish and cathedrels
The pedators come to prey

Chickenhawks of the Catholic Church
Out to save and destroy
They have become the priest of burden
And he's become

What have you done Benny (other than blame the victims)?
It would seem trivial to suggest we pray for your prey.
What will you do about the lives your priests have destroyed?


Anonymous said...

Good flippin question.

Asylum Seeker said...

"Destroyed" is a bit much; I think "damaged" or something like that would be better. Although "destroyed" emphasizes the magnitude of the crimes, it is a little too fatalistic of a view about the victims of such crimes who very often do go on to live somewhat normal lives. We have to balance between acknowledging how terrible such acts are due to the impact that we know it has on the victims' lives and suggesting to those who have already been victimized that their life is effectively ruined, even if they don't feel that way themself. Very complicated, showing sympathy without accidentally causing people to feel that the thing they receive sympathy for is more debilitating than they personally believe it to be (applies to the handicapped as well).

Anyway, aside from that, the Catholic Church doesn't necessarily have a higher rate of child molestation than any other institution with private access to children, as far as I know (that is to say that teachers are often guilty of such crimes as well). I think that the real issue is the cover-ups, the hypocrisy, and the realization that, unlike schools, the church isn't a legitimate enough of an institution (i.e. doesn't provide enough benefits to others) for us to justify such ills.

But, as for the question you asked about what the Pope is going to do to rectify the situation? Obviously, throw money at it and hope it goes away so that they continue to pretend they are moral authorities. I would like to think a truly good, truly moral human being with that kind of resources would try to explore why this kind of thing happens, and try to prevent it from happening again instead of simply avoiding blame. But you can never underestimate how pathetic and arbitrary the morality the religious claim to possess actually is.

The Lion said...

The Pope...oh my favorite subject. The idea of a Pope was a nice one at one time. But they are hypocrites now. While they live in their golden castle, subject to no laws but their own, eat only the finest and enjoy the most luxurious way of life, people are starving on the doorstep. While he travels by private jet to Africa, children are dying for lack of clean water.

Rather than tithe to a church that turns over the money to their king - because that is essentially what the Pope is, a selected king - why not order your followers to give directly to the needy? Why not sell your golden palace and tour Africa and Asia providing food, water, and AIDS medication to those that need it most?

He preaches love and compassion and yet does nothing to stop the epidemic of molesters that permeate his church.

But worst of all, to me at least, is that he teaches that he is God's man on Earth. The audacity to make such an assumption! That he believes we cannot connect personally with our Creator or Savior disgusts me. As if I need his forgiveness for what I do!

The Pope lives as if he is God, and I am sorry to tell him that he will get a rude awakening one day. I just hope the Catholics realize what their worship of this man does.

woo - sorry about my rant. I have strong opinions on this guy.

Senorita said...

I haven't been following the Pope, as I am not Catholic.

My heart goes out to all the victims. I believe in God, but that is not how God runs an operation.

I think the biggest sinners are in the church.

Anonymous said...

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Cloudia said...

Happy happy joy blog ya got here, Mac.
It warms my heart. Rage, boy!
Seriously, thanks for visiting my namby pamby spiral blog-

you welcome anytime- and bring da bike!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

They are waiting for the memory of it to fade away. I think the problem has always existed.